What can I do to stop the leaks?

Call a roofing professional to free the trapped water. This can be very dangerous work. If you cannot find a professional to do the work, here are some suggestions if you want to try to do it yourself:
– You do not need to remove all the ice.
– You do need to cut channels in the ice to allow trapped water to flow off the roof.
– Channels can be cut every 3 to 6 feet on a long eave or, with localized leaking, cut channels in the area near the leak or ice buildup.
– When cutting channels in the ice, make sure not to damage the shingles underneath. Do not use an axe or hatchet because they increase the possibility of cutting through your shingles. Our crews typically use the claw end of a hammer to start cutting the channel until they get close to the shingles. Then they use the head of the hammer to remove the remaining ice at the bottom of the channel.
– Install ice melt compound above the ice dam and in the channels you have cut. We suggest potassium chloride because it is not as likely to damage shrubbery. Do not use rock salt since it is more likely to damage your live landscaping. We can sell you potassium chloride if you cannot locate it elsewhere.
– You do not need to unfreeze your gutters. Let the water flow over the top of your frozen gutters.
– BE CAREFUL! You don’t want to add a hospital stay to your leaking problems.

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