Our house has a Mansard roof – so as Maurice pointed out the shutters are almost like a wall – it’s visible and critical to the design and look of the house.

An architect down the street had recommended him to us. I thought roofers were rough and tough and had to be to keep from falling off in the hot sun. But Maurice was very different: educated, understated, enthusiasm for our house, but no sales pitch. He offered to do it for 20 k when two companies before were closer to 30 k.

But I forgot to say why we were replacing the roof. The roof we had was just a bad job. Shingles kept falling off on the lawn. Whoever did it took major shortcuts – like putting in one nail instead of the minimum of four.

Maurice and his men worked while we were on vacation. He found a lot of rotten boards and replaced them at no charge – just to stick with his estimate and not bother us while we were away. He had promised to clean up. Just to give you an idea of how cleaned up it was, I couldn’t find one nail anywhere on the property. Of the hundreds he used, maybe thousands, I couldn’t find one. In fact, I am sort of playing a game with myself to come up with at least one roofing nail. Kind of a souvenir of an excellent job.

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I would definitely recommend Richard Roofing. They did a fantastic job on my current house and other properties in the past. He uses only excellent quality products and does a very thorough job. He is sincere, hard working and honest. It is a winning combination. I also appreciate that he takes great care of past customers. Returning calls and responding as fast as he does show that he is committed to a customer even after the roof is done. I am glad that I never have to worry about my roof. Thank you again for a job well done.

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My wife and I are thoroughly satisfied with the roof, the performance of Maurice and his crew, the hand-crafted copper panels installed atop the bow window and the installation of the skylights. Quality products installed by a contractor and crew that emphasize quality in everything they do. The results of the project exceeded our expectations.

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