About Us

Richard Roofing Co, LLC is dedicated to quality and we show it in every project we complete. Established in 1986, we have hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied customers, from Property Managers, to the many homeowners and businesses. While any company can hand pick their favorite customers as a referral list, we at Richard Roofing Co, LLC believe that you are only as good as your last job. That’s why we often give names and phone numbers of customers whose jobs are in progress; now that’s a sign of TRUE confidence. Unlike at many other roofing companies, the owner, Maurice Richard, does not wear a suit to work. The person selling the job is the one performing the work. This makes for impeccable quality control and reassurance that you are getting the best roof available at the best price.

As a medium-sized privately owned and operated business, Richard Roofing provides homeowners with the product quality and construction management techniques rarely seen in a roofer. In addition, Maurice Richard brings his own experiences and expertise to the table providing homeowners with a diverse and dynamic service, so essential to a successful project.

At Richard Roofing, “efficiency” and “teamwork” are not merely parts of catch phrases, but terms that form the foundation of a company. When your company carries your family’s name, it inspires success in project and mediocrity will not be tolerated. The company’s core belief is that the highest quality or work and product always comes from the most highly educated and trained personnel. As a result of these beliefs, Richard Roofing provides clients with the finest in craftsmanship, specializing in providing the intricate detail that is required.

When selecting a contractor, many people select the least expensive contractor because they feel that saving money is the ultimate goal. While there is no doubt that money is important to everyone, whatever you might save on the initial project you could easily end up paying for when shoddy work shows itself for what it is. Basing the selection purely on the bottom line figure is an equation for disaster. This selection criterion often results in owners getting what they paid for, less quality, less service, and less accountability.

Richard Roofing clients are provided with a complete package of services that far exceeds most, if not all, of our competition. From budget reviews, engineering, scheduling, prompt customer callbacks, knowledgeable customer service and office support staff, warranties, and recommended maintenance procedures; Richard Roofing provides clients with a first class, complete roofing package.

Richard Roofing Co, LLC has tackled jobs from small roof repairs to a 1600 square-foot, 32 building condominium complex. We are truly a full service roofing company, able to handle jobs both big and small.

With our extensive roof knowledge and continuing education in the latest technologies in single ply EPDM (rubber), slate, copper work, and residential roofing, you will be happy to have chosen Richard Roofing Co, LLC as your contractor.